Emax 48HR Service

We are equipped with a Roland DWX-4W milling unit which can mill out an E-Max or hybrid composite block within 20 minutes. The creative output of the the Roland DWX 4W exceeds most chair-side CAD-CAM systems in precision and esthetic accuracy.

*From Digital Impressions and for Stained Posteriors up to 3 Units Only

Full Contour Zirconia 48HR Service

<small>*From Digital Impressions and for Stained Posteriors up to 3 Units Only</small>


Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

This product can replace PFM for every indication in strength from single to full arch cases. When layered with right craftsmanship, its esthetics will come very close to the natural teeth with proven clinical strength.

Emax Layered

This is a great option for veneers and single crowns and up to 3 unit bridges where esthetics matters.

Emax Stain & Glazed

Great option for the posterior, strength and esthetics. Recommended for single units, inlays/onlays or up to 3 unit bridges that include two premolars.

Full Contour Zirconia

Great option if patient is bruxer and/or the 2nd molar region. FCZ generally requires less reduction than PFZ/ Emax. Our new FCZ has higher translucency to mimic nature. FCZ offers the ultimate in strength using a tooth colored material.

Facially Layered Zirconia

*only for posteriors

Porcelain Fused to Metal

PFM is the time-tested option for multiple indications. Can be used for single units to full arch cases. Porcelain stratification enhances the vitality of the restoration. We are using Selective Laser Melting technology to make the most accurate fitting framework.

*Noble SLM


Custom Zirconia Hybrid Abutment

Titanium base and custom zirconia abutment provide strength and esthetics. We deal with the most major implant brands (Strauman, Nobel biocare, Zimmer, Astra, BioHorizon and many more). This is a great option for esthetic zone.

Custom Titanium Abutments

Titanium abutment provides strong and accurate base for restorations wit customized emergence profile.

Screw Retained Implant Crown

Full Zirconia screw retained crown is a proven and safe method to avoid sub-gingival cement issues. And also it allows fast and efficient delivery of the restoration. Custom abutment and screw included. Layered crowns will cost $50 extra for better esthetics.

*Layering is extra


Implant Surgery Planning

Plan your next implant placement with us. Our Implant Specialist can analyze your case and determine the best implant position for optimal safety and the optimal restorative outcome. You have unlimited input via 3D planning reports or a live session using online viewers. We need ct scan and model/intra-oral optical scan to proceed.

*Additional Fee Applied After 3 Units

Surgical Guide

It is printed with FDA approved material for surgical procedures. It comes with metal sleeves and surgical drill report. Flat fee per arch.

*Additional Fee Applied After 3 Units


Diagnostic Wax-Up

Custom Shade Analysis

Stock Abutment Modification

Reduction Coping

Maryland Wing

Pink Tissue Porcelain

Implant Model

Verification JIG

Photoshop Smile Design

PMMA Provisionals

Anodyzing to Gold Hue

Essix Hard Night Guard

Soft Night Guard

Clear Ortho Retainer

Sports Guard



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